What are the uses of CO₂?

Carbon dioxide has many industrial and commercial applications. CO₂ is used for cooling (as dry ice) and refrigerating, in fire extinguishers (as it blocks fire from getting the oxygen it needs), for inflating life jackets, to create bubbles during foaming rubbers, plastics, and concrete, to preserve food in food packaging, in the production of carbonated soft drinks and alcohols with bubbles, and for helping the growth of plants in greenhouses (a process called CO₂ enrichment).

what are the uses of co2
CO2 for greenhouses

CO₂ for greenhouses

CO₂ enrichment in greenhouses is important because the amount of carbon dioxide in the air outdoors is only 420 ppm (parts per million) or 0.042%. This amount is more or less sufficient for most plants growing outdoors, but when large numbers of plants are placed together in closed spaces such as greenhouses, the level of carbon dioxide drops rapidly as the plants actively consume it for photosynthesis. Due to their high social impact, greenhouses and indoor farms are our main target customers.

CO₂ for synthetic fuels creation

CO₂ is one of the two main components for creating synthetic fuels, along with hydrogen. Combining them creates a carbon-neutral fuel with a high energy density.

Synthetic fuels can already replace conventional fuels today without the need to retrofit existing vehicles. Synthetic fuels will play an important role in accelerating the green transformation of the automotive sector and making it carbon-neutral.

CO2 for synthetic fuel
CO2 for pharmaceutical industry

CO₂ for the pharmaceutical industry

Recently, liquid CO₂ is being used as a polar solvent for the extraction of chemicals in cosmetics and pharma industrial applications. It is called supercritical fluid extraction. Unlike many popular solvents, supercritical carbon dioxide is non-flammable. Its solvation power can be adjusted by varying the density of the fluid and the CO₂ leaves almost no residue in the extracted products compared to conventional organic solvents. It is widely available in a very pure form and in commercial quantities and is also 100% inert and non-toxic. 

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