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Carbominer was featured in the long list of winners of the nomination for “Best Early-Stage Startups” of Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020.

How did the Ukraine Innovation Awards go?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the event was held completely online on the 2nd of July at the popular Ukrainian online event 42 Investment Summit. Despite these offline-to-online difficulties, the event went well. Carbominer was named among the twenty best early-stage startups, with our direct carbon dioxide air capturing solution what we aim to sell to greenhouses.

In order to come to a decision, the judges studied the Ukrainian innovation ecosystem, new solutions on the market and successful innovative cases. 

What is Ukraine Innovation Awards?

This is the first Ukrainian event awarding corporations and startups for innovative projects, as well as investors and entrepreneurs who provide innovative solutions that can help businesses from Ukraine and around the world to grow through their innovation.