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Though struggling through all the consequences of the ongoing war – employee safety, broken supply chains, problems with fuel supply, – Carbominer has resumed its operations in Kyiv.

The full story

On the 24th of February, our CEO Nick Oseyko instantly decided to stop the R&D activities at the Carbominer’s premises to avoid exposing employees to danger. During the next week, the Carbominer team fled to different places all over Ukraine to guarantee the safety of their families.

We made the first call with employees only on the 10th of March, when everybody could join after having their connection restored. It was a relief to see everyone and know that we are safe to the biggest possible extent.

In early April, occupants have ingloriously left the Kyiv region. Three weeks later, Carbominer’s managers gathered in the Kyiv office for the first time since the beginning of the war. In a few days, the rest of the team came to work at the R&D premises.

Nowadays, in terms of our operations, we are almost back to the pre-war conditions. Of course, the business is not “usual” – we need to ensure employee safety, and deal with broken supply chains and lack of fuel in the city.

Carbominer has fully resumed its operations in Kyiv.

As of today, we have our Direct Air Capture machine industrial prototype already reassembled and relaunched. It allows us to continue internal testing to prepare the technology for a pilot later this year.

Nevertheless, the war isn’t over. We urge our readers to support Ukraine in different ways – from putting pressure on the governments to #ArmUkraineNow to donating money to charitable organizations helping Ukrainians (we published an exhaustive list of the trusted Ukrainian organizations here).