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Carbominer Team

Kyiv, Ukraine – Carbominer, a modular Direct Air Capture company, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected for blended funding by the EIC Accelerator to advance its innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) machines for use in indoor agriculture.

The EIC Accelerator, known for supporting cutting-edge and high-impact projects, has recognized the potential of Carbominer’s technology and this funding will be pivotal in accelerating the deployment of Carbominer’s modular DAC systems.

The use of DAC technology, a process that captures carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, could be a game-changer for the agricultural sector. By removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and repurposing it to enhance crop growth, the technology contributes to a sustainable, low-carbon agriculture industry.

“As a Ukrainian team committed to global environmental goals, we are honored and excited to receive this grant support from the EIC Accelerator,” said Viktoria Oseyko, CMO at Carbominer. “We are grateful to European Innovation Council for its commitment to promoting breakthrough innovations that make a positive impact on the world. This funding will empower us to pursue our mission of making Direct Air Capture technology accessible for any industry that needs it, while making indoor agriculture more sustainable and resilient.”

The grant funding will enable Carbominer to scale the machine to 50-ton capacity, pilot it with greenhouses, and create new jobs, thus adding strength to the local and European economies through environmental innovation. With Carbominer, DAC becomes a potential a solution to both food security and climate change mitigation.

About Carbominer:

Carbominer is a Ukrainian technology startup that develops Direct Air Capture (DAC) machines designed to enhance indoor agriculture while mitigating carbon emissions. The company’s innovative technology captures and repurposes carbon dioxide, creating a sustainable and efficient solution for agricultural needs.

The EIC Accelerator is a funding program by the European Commission (EC) and the European Innovation Council (EIC) as part of Horizon Europe. It funds innovative DeepTech companies with grant and/or equity financing of up to €2.5 million and €15 million, respectively. According to open-source data, an approximate success rate for the complete EIC Accelerator application process is 4.8%. The goal of EIC is to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations.