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Carbominer at the pilot in Vienna

Vienna, Austria (August 2, 2023): Carbominer, a startup with a novel Direct Air Capture (DAC) approach, today announced completion of a pilot demonstration of their innovative 1-ton Direct Air Capture machine in collaboration with a prominent corporate partner. The demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria, and showcased improved results.

The event marked a pivotal moment in the development of Carbominer’s carbon capture technology, which aims to take carbon dioxide from the ambient air locally and efficiently. The machine demonstrated its ability to capture carbon dioxide in the relevant environment, thereby confirming the development stage of the company to TRL 6 level.

The pilot demonstration was attended by corporate partners, key supplier, and a potential investor, who witnessed Carbominer’s advancements in DAC solutions. The company’s corporate pilot partner, which remains undisclosed for now, played a crucial role in supporting the successful deployment of the pilot, providing space and involving a third-party organization to carry out independent measurements.

This milestone would not have been possible without the valuable support and expertise of our pilot partner. We are determined to work together to strengthen the collaborative effort to build greener future, – said Nick Oseyko, Founder & CEO of Carbominer.

According to the team leader, the Carbominer’s DAC technology holds great potential in various niches – from indoor agriculture to construction environment. While not competitive in scale to DAC industry leaders, Carbominer already provides a lower cost of capture – $580 per ton – and plans to reduce it even further. As governments and industries worldwide continue to seek various solutions to mitigate climate change, Direct Air Capture field is expected to play an important role in removing historical emissions and sourcing clean CO2 from the air instead of from burning natural resources. Each advancement in the field is a small step towards achieving global sustainability goals.

Carbominer’s DAC technology stands out due to unconventional combination of dry and wet capture methods, enabling better efficiency compared to most known DAC technologies, that utilize either a dry or wet approach. On the regeneration stage, it uses electrochemistry regeneration, one of the most promising ways in the industry to release CO₂. This second stage also allows company to use intermittent renewable energy in the hours of overproduction, when the prices are significantly lower.

With the successful pilot demonstration behind them, Carbominer is gearing up for the next phase of the piloting collaboration. The company is planning to scale up the technology to 50 ton per year capacity, with an ultimate goal of widespread implementation across various industries and regions.

As the world faces the urgent challenge of curbing carbon emissions, initiatives like Carbominer’s pilot demonstration in Vienna represent crucial milestones towards creating a sustainable future. With ongoing research, innovation, and strong partnerships, Nick Oseyko is hoping that such advancements will pave the way for a cleaner and healthier planet for generations to come.


Founded in 2020, Carbominer is a climate tech company that has developed new, unconventional Direct Air Capture technology, embodied in compact and transportable units to capture CO₂ on-site, near the client’s target usage. The startup is going to help companies move to sustainable operations by taking CO₂ from the open air and putting it to use or storage.

 The team’s ultimate goal is to bring modular and affordable Direct Air Capture technology to any industry that needs it. More information can be found at carbominer.com.