Our latest
Nick and Vika Oseyko

We have attracted a seed investment from the Ukrainian venture capital fund SMRK VC. The money will be used to create industrial modules to capture carbon dioxide from the open air. Capturing units made in the form factor of a standard shipping container will be placed next to our customers’ greenhouses. By March 2021, we plan to develop the first modules and install them for pilot testing near greenhouses.
We are also now hiring to expand our production department.

Besides that, we are actively looking for partners to enter the European market in 2021. Among our target nations are Spain, Netherlands, Turkey and other countries with developed greenhouse industries.

SMRK VC fund is a leading Ukrainian venture capital fund that invests in bold ideas that can run the world. The fund was founded in 2013 and its main focus is IT-products on seed and Round A, though they invest in startups on various stages of maturity. 

What we do

We are a Ukrainian hardware startup that develops technology for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the open air. Our company’s business model is built around selling the produced CO2 to commercial clients. The main target customers are greenhouse operators that use carbon dioxide to boost the growth of their products.