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Carbominer at the pilot in Vienna

Carbominer Conducts Pilot Demonstration of 1 tonne DAC Machine in Vienna with Corporate Partner

Vienna, Austria (August 2, 2023): Carbominer, a startup with a novel Direct Air Capture (DAC) approach, today announced completion of a pilot demonstration of their innovative 1-ton Direct Air Capture machine in collaboration with a prominent corporate partner. The demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria, and showcased improved results. The event marked a pivotal moment […]

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Ukraine-based startup Carbominer piloted its transportable machine with an international industrial partner

KYIV, UKRAINE – The Carbominer’s team has completed a pilot of a 1.2t Direct Air Capture (DAC) machine with the largest international building materials group in Vyshneve, Kyiv region, Ukraine. The pilot’s goal was to serve as proof-of-concept for Carbominer’s DAC technology, measure its key performance indicators, and obtain a third-party validation report. Direct Air […]

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Nick Oseyko at Climate Innovation Vouchers Awards

EBRD grants Carbominer €50k climate innovation voucher

On the 16th of December, the Climate Innovation Vouchers Awards took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. EBRD awarded 13 innovative startups and SMEs from Ukraine with Climate Innovation Vouchers. This year €500,000 in total was granted to 13 Ukrainian startups and SMEs. Carbominer and the other 12 grantees will receive up to €50,000 each to develop […]


How freshly passed Inflation Reduction Act influences Direct Air Capture space

On August 16, 2022, President Joe Biden signed a groundbreaking legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act, into law, marking a significant milestone in the United States’ fight against climate change. This comprehensive bill allocates approximately $370 billion in investments to supercharge clean energy development. It stands as the most substantial federal climate investment in U.S. history […]

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Carbominer relaunched its DAC machine in Kyiv, Ukraine

Though struggling through all the consequences of the ongoing war – employee safety, broken supply chains, problems with fuel supply, – Carbominer has resumed its operations in Kyiv. The full story On the 24th of February, our CEO Nick Oseyko instantly decided to stop the R&D activities at the Carbominer’s premises to avoid exposing employees […]