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Carbominer secured €1.5M grant from EIC Accelerator

KYIV, Ukraine (February 2024): Last week Carbominer signed the Grant Agreement with the EIC Accelerator Fund. With this formal action, Carbominer secured a €1.5 Million grant and is eligible for up to €7.5 Million in equity at the later stages of the project. EIC Accelerator is one of the biggest funding opportunities in Europe supporting […]

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Carbominer at the pilot in Vienna

Carbominer Conducts Pilot Demonstration of 1 tonne DAC Machine in Vienna with Corporate Partner

Vienna, Austria (August 2, 2023): Carbominer, a startup with a novel Direct Air Capture (DAC) approach, today announced completion of a pilot demonstration of their innovative 1-ton Direct Air Capture machine in collaboration with a prominent corporate partner. The demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria, and showcased improved results. The event marked a pivotal moment […]

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Ukraine-based startup Carbominer piloted its transportable machine with an international industrial partner

KYIV, UKRAINE – The Carbominer’s team has completed a pilot of a 1.2t Direct Air Capture (DAC) machine with the largest international building materials group in Vyshneve, Kyiv region, Ukraine. The pilot’s goal was to serve as proof-of-concept for Carbominer’s DAC technology, measure its key performance indicators, and obtain a third-party validation report. Direct Air […]


How freshly passed Inflation Reduction Act influences Direct Air Capture space

On August 16, 2022, President Joe Biden signed a groundbreaking legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act, into law, marking a significant milestone in the United States’ fight against climate change. This comprehensive bill allocates approximately $370 billion in investments to supercharge clean energy development. It stands as the most substantial federal climate investment in U.S. history […]

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Carbominer relaunched its DAC machine in Kyiv, Ukraine

Though struggling through all the consequences of the ongoing war – employee safety, broken supply chains, problems with fuel supply, – Carbominer has resumed its operations in Kyiv. The full story On the 24th of February, our CEO Nick Oseyko instantly decided to stop the R&D activities at the Carbominer’s premises to avoid exposing employees […]