Microclimate Monitoring System

Improve your crops yield

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Microclimate monitoring system

Carbominer MMS application

Carbominer MMS is a wireless IoT microclimate monitoring system, created to help growers measure the key parameters of their greenhouses:

  • CO2 level
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Lighting

With Carbominer MMS growers will be able to make informed decisions on the most efficient and sustainable crops growing conditions.

How it works

Three steps to your improved growth experience

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Easily connect your Carbominer MMS to the network and start monitoring

Monitor & Protect

Protect your crops by setting custom alerts for undesired conditions for each crop type

What Carbominer MMS measures:

Carbon Dioxide Level

Air Temperature

Relative Humidity

Air Pressure

Lighting Intensity (coming)

Set custom alerts

Carbominer MMS allows users to set custom alerts per each crop type and measuring parameters in different greenhouses. This feature will protect your crops from undesired growing conditions. 

One data sensor is designed for one monitoring point, which can be either growing zone or separate greenhouse.  

Each data sensor monitors temperature, CO2 level and relative humidity and more types of monitoring sensors to come. 

Improve crops yield

With growing temperature, the intensity of photosynthesis doubles. However, with further temperature increase (higher than 27 degrees Celsius) the photosynthesis slows down. It means that unoptimized temperature range slows down the growing process. 

The situation is similar with relative humidity. When humidity is too high, the leaves stomata evaporate less water which leads to slowing down the uptake of  the minerals from the substrate. 

Last, but not least: the situation is the same with the level of CO2 in the greenhouse. If it is depleted to the 150-200 ppm, there is simply no feedstock for photosynthesis and plants’ growth stops. However, if the CO2 level is too high, the stomata close, which effectively blocks photosynthesis.   

Only knowing the optimal growing conditions for your crops will lead to the yield increase.

// Hardware

Equipment Pricing

Basic Set


  • 1 Wi-Fi data concentrator 
  • 1 complex sensor (CO2, Temp, RH)
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 USB cable (Type-C)

Standart Set


  • 1 Wi-Fi + LoRaWAN data concentrator 
  • 2 complex sensor (CO2, Temp, RH)
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 USB cable (Type-C)
  • Paper User Manual



  • 1 Wi-Fi + LoRaWAN data concentrator 
  • 3 complex sensors (CO2, Temp, RH)
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 USB cable (Type-C)
  • Paper User Manual
// Software

Subscription Pricing

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Billed monthly

  • Real-time data
  • Historical data – 7 days 
  • Supports up to 3 sensors
  • Up to 5 alerts




Billed monthly

  • Real-time data
  • Historical data – 3 months
  • Supports up to 10 sensors
  • Up to 20 alerts
  • Cloud storage
  • Email Support
  • 10% Discount for other products



Billed monthly

  • Real-time data
  • Historical data – 12 months
  • Supports up to 100 sensors
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Cloud storage
  • Phone Support
  • 15% Discount for other products
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Why choose Carbominer MMS

Find optimal range

Find the best conditions for different crop cultures

Get notifications

Get alerts when your plants are in unoptimized conditions

Boost ROI

Maximize your profits by getting the full out of seeds

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Our latest cases

+18% of production of tomatoes
"The company is looking for partners to enter Western markets. First of all, the company is interested in Spain, Holland, Turkey, and other countries with a developed greenhouse industry."

Experiment results: Adding CO2 improved plant growth by 20%
"First place winner Carbominer developed a technology for collecting carbon dioxide for greenhouses to use. The CO2 would contribute to speeding up the growth of vegetables."

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