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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CARBOMINER's technology?

We use DAC – direct air capture technology – to pull carbon dioxide from the ambient air.

Our carbon capturing technology is energy-efficient and that’s why our clients can buy CO₂ at least 35% cheaper than in most developed markets.

We help our clients to increase their profits with our cost-efficient CO₂ solution.


How is CO₂ removed from the atmosphere?

For carbon dioxide removal, we use direct air capture technology. To do this, first, we build a CO₂ capture modular unit and install it near the greenhouse so that it can start capturing CO₂ from the ambient air. Then we deliver the captured CO₂ to the greenhouse, thus helping to promote plant growth.

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Does CARBOMINER provide carbon credits?

Carbominer is a partner to climate-aware companies. We are considering to offer carbon credits for companies to reduce and even remove their carbon footprint.

If you are interested in buying carbon offsets, then please contact us.

What are the uses of carbon dioxide?

As a raw material CO₂, may be used in several forms, such as for promoting plant growth in greenhouses or producing synthetic fuels. With CO₂ storage technologies it is possible to store carbon dioxide underground for a long time.

As for other uses of CO₂, it is often used in the Food&Bev industry, in enhanced oil and gas recovery (EOR/EGR), in fire extinguishers and even as a refrigerant.

However, not all uses are applicable to CO₂ from our regeneration technology.