// Why use CO2 in the greenhouses

Do you use carbon dioxide in your greenhouse?

 If not, you definitely should!

Using CO₂ helps to encourage plant growth in greenhouses. This process is also called CO₂ enrichment. The importance of CO₂ for plants resembles the importance of food for humans – they grow by actually ‘eating it’.

Adding CO₂ into greenhouses allows plants to grow faster by fully maximising their photosynthesis potential.

By using CO₂ enrichment, it is possible to boost plant growth by 15 to 50%, depending on the type of crops.

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CO2 to greenhouses from the air locally
// Pricing

Where is the best place to buy CO2?

Our answer is LOCALLY.

Generally, CO₂ prices are quite high due to the need of transportation and liquefaction. With our unique on-site capturing technology pulling CO₂ directly from the open air, there is no need for these expenses.

Our target price is the lowest price on the market right now – €135 per ton of CO₂.

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Difference for greenhouses in receiving CO₂

Traditional ways:

Our way:

// Direct Air Capture Tech

What makes us better than other solutions?

While we cannot beat the second way of getting CO₂ as a side product of heating, which is virtually free, we definitely have something to offer instead of the first way. In fact, buying liquefied CO₂ for greenhouses is neither cheap nor climate-friendly. Carbominer is the CO₂ company designed to solve that. Since our process is energy efficient, we are going to offer CO₂ to greenhouse operators at a very affordable price, which leads to significant cost-savings and therefore a rise in the product margins. 

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// Our service

How does it work?


We deliver the module, install it and connect it to your greenhouse


The capturing module pulls CO₂ from the air and sends it to the greenhouse


The CO₂ that enters the greenhouse improves the growth of the plants

The optimal proportion

Plants absorb co2 only up to a certain level that is beneficial to their growth. If the carbon dioxide level is too high, the crops will start to deteriorate.

We have conducted several customer discoveries, which have shown that the optimal amount of CO₂ in greenhouses depends on the crop type. The average indicators of CO₂ levels range from 700 ppm to 1500 ppm.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to install a capturing unit near my greenhouse?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Our technology doesn’t use any dangerous liquids or make any emissions. As well as this, the technology itself is 100% free for our clients – we take on all the installation and additional costs.

How will your product benefit me, as a greenhouse operator?

Our main advantage is cost. With our price, greenhouse operators can cut their expenses and raise their margins significantly. With our technology, it is possible not only to promote plant growth by between 15 an 50%, depending on the type of crops, but also make essential cost-savings.

The additional value of our technology is that it is 100% climate-friendly and with low- or zero-carbon energy sources it can easily reach zero-emissions status, which is extremely important for countries with such regulations.

How can I calculate my profit margin with your technology?

We are currently developing our own database for every type of crop. Our plan is to use that data to create an online calculator on our web-site. In the meantime, if you would like to get a calculation of your profits using our technology, then please contact us using the form below. 

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Looking for clients and partners

We are actively looking for clients and partners to pilot test our tech in the field for different crops.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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