// CO₂ in the smart indoor agriculture

CO₂ injections for plant growth

CO₂ injection is a very well-known farming technique, it helps plants to grow by fully maximizing their photosynthesis potential. The importance of CO₂ for plants resembles the importance of food for humans – they grow by actually ‘eating it’.

By using CO₂ enrichment, it is possible to boost plant growth by 20 to 30%, depending on the type of the crops.

If you wish to discover more about the benefits of the CO₂ for growing or how to implement a sustainable CO₂ injection system for your farm, contact us. 

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CO2 to greenhouses from the air locally
// Where to get CO₂

Sourcing CO₂ for injections

Unlike other alternatives to obtain CO₂ for plants, which require transportation and storage, we capture CO₂ on-site, at the client’s premises and send it already in gaseous form to the farm via pipe.

Our source for this CO₂ is atmosphere, we selectively pull it directly from the open air, therefore this CO₂ can be considered fossil-free. 

This way, we help farmers continue growing with CO₂ injections, as they used to, and at the same time reduce their current emissions with our green CO₂ from the open air locally (no transportation needed).

// comparison of approaches

Different approaches to source CO₂



// Carbon Footprint

Environmental benefits

Both retail and ecommerce are heading towards “carbon labeling” – special markings with an indication of the carbon footprint of the growing.

The carbon footprint of greenhouse growth is mainly linked to traditional fossil-based heating. Because of the regulatory pressure to reduce carbon emissions (EU GREEN DEAL, US Climate Strategy) and unstable fuel prices, growers will soon be forced to look for alternatives to provide energy for their greenhouses. And this will drive them to source CO₂ from an external supply.

We offer a stable supply of clean CO₂ from the air locally, thus eliminating the traditional CO₂ supply cost chain, and reducing the carbon footprint of the outcome product.

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// Our service

How does it work?

Signing a contract with Carbominer

The grower leaves a request in the form, we connect, negotiate the billing terms, and sign an agreement

Delivery and installation of the DAC module

We deliver the capturing module to the grower's premises and install it for free, connecting to the target greenhouse

Increasing crop yield with fossil-free CO₂

The capturing module pulls CO₂ from the air and sends it to the greenhouse to promote the plant growth

The optimal CO₂ injection

Plants consume CO₂ only up to a certain level that is beneficial to their growth. If the carbon dioxide level is too high, the crops will start to deteriorate.

We have conducted several customer discoveries, which have shown that the optimal amount of CO₂ in greenhouses depends on the crop type. The average indicators of CO₂ levels range from 700 ppm to 1500 ppm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Direct Air Capture CO₂?

Currently, the prices for DAC CO₂ are very volatile, sometimes reaching 10x of the open market CO₂ price. Among publicly-available prices claims, DAC companies pricing mostly range between €300 and €1,200 per ton. However, some startups put price tags above €2,000.

Since our process is local and energy efficient, we plan to offer the CO₂ lower than most CO₂ of DAC origin.

Unfortunately, there is no generic price for DAC CO₂, applicable to every region and circumstances, as it highly depends on the cost of the electricity in the target region. If you'd like to receive a calculation for your premises, fill-in the form below.

How do growers benefit from Direct Air Capture technology?

With our CO₂, greenhouse operators and vertical farmers can cut their expenses and raise their margins significantly. It is possible not only to promote plant growth by 20-30%, depending on the type of crops but also make essential cost-savings on reduced carbon taxation.

We can assist you to calculate the growing-related benefits – both regarding profit margins and emissions reduction during the pilot with us. If you wish to get a calculation for your greenhouse or vertical farm, let's talk.

Can DAC technology harm my crops?

Carbominer's Direct Air Capture technology brings no harm to growering. Our carbon dioxide output has purity of 99,75%, and the rest of 0,25% is oxygen and nitrogen gas, that either way exist in air.

However, while our DAC unit is still an experimental machine, there is a certain risk of malfunction at the client's premises during the pilot. We account for all the risks related to DAC machine operation and maintenance and will notify clients about the possibility of their occurrence.  

What are the climate benefits of the Carbominer DAC technology?

Another important aspect of our technology is that it is climate-friendly. With low- or zero-carbon energy sources, it can easily reach zero-emissions status, which is essential for countries with such regulations.

With our clean CO₂ from the open air, greenhouse growers can reduce their current emissions and the carbon footprint of the final products. As the CO₂ is captured locally there is no need for a traditional CO₂ supply chain – liquefaction, transportation, and gasification, all of which have their energy needs and carbon footprint.

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We are actively looking for partners to pilot our technology – smart greenhouse owners and vertical farmers. 
Contact us, if you want to be among the early adopters of Carbominer’s cleantech solution.

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