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Useful CO₂ for business

Carbominer is a climate-aware startup. As a CO₂ company, we are able to offer various solutions for green purposes. On this page, you will find an introduction to our ideas regarding sustainability and ways of finding suitable partners for their embodiment.

Besides CO₂ supply for greenhouses, we offer cleantech CO₂ solutions for other industries, including:

  • Selling carbon credits
  • Creating synthetic fuel
  • Helping governments with Grid Balancing
CO2 to greenhouses from the air locally
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Applications of our tech

Our solution is best suited to B2B businesses, as we need an area locally to install the CO₂ capturing modular unit.

Our price is at least 50% cheaper than in most developed markets. At the same time, it’s not only the CO₂ price we offer. Buying CO₂ gas is definitely more comfortable for greenhouse operators because of the elimination of the gasification process – greenhouse engineers can switch on the gas supply directly from the carbon dioxide capturing unit.

In the case of your company needing CO₂ for production purposes, we can install a carbon dioxide capturing unit nearby your plant.

If you’re a proactive individual and want to lend a hand to climate change reversal, we have some good news for you.

We are one of the few CO₂ companies or direct air capturing companies that offers carbon dioxide emissions offsetting. This means, that you have the possibility to calculate your annual emissions and buy the equivalent offset. 

This is a clear way for reaching your personal emissions’ net-zero and contributing an important share to help keep sustainable life on our planet in the future.

It’s not only the goal of individuals to eliminate their emissions. We can help governments to act and reach a 2050 net-zero emissions goal.

Our technology will definitely make a significant contribution to making cities cleaner and sustainable. With the use of other negative emissions technologies and in cooperation with other climate change start-ups, local governments may reach sustainable goals even faster than the rest of the whole world that has set itself this as a mission.

By choosing our clean solution, your city, state or region will adjust to new regulations quickly and in the most comfortable way.

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Carbon credits

It is a given fact that most companies’ production was organized a long time ago and not in the most sustainable way. With global regulations to reduce emissions by 2050, these companies will almost definitely face difficulties and fines.

The solution for these companies is to buy carbon offsets. This process implies that an enterprise chooses the best CO₂ company by price and orders a so-called “carbon credit”. The CO₂ company carries out the verification, then captures the necessary amount of CO₂ and issues a certificate to the company.

This is a widespread market solution that already exists, which we would be more than delighted to be part of. If your company is interested in carbon offsets, then contact us now, and see how we can help.

carbon offsetting for business and individuals
co2 for sustainable fuel
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Sustainable fuel

The automotive industry is among the top 3 polluting industries worldwide. Indeed, it would be a challenge to create a big enough impact to convince car owners to change to using a ‘green’ vehicle, and this is not to mention the aircraft industry, whose vehicles’ service life exceeds 30 years.

The solution for that is synthetic fuel, which will replace traditional gasoline and diesel and turn the automotive industry upside down, making it climate-friendly and emission-free.

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Grid Balancing

For the past couple of years, European countries have faced a problem of grid imbalances. This means that the energy system creates more electricity than what is consumed, which results in negative price on electricity and leads to big energy losses.

We can install a field full of our capturing modules near to an energy system that needs balancing, so all the electricity at the moment of overproduction is consumed. Thus, we can help the national energy system with grid balancing.

grid balancing
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