Carbontech solutions for business

As a climate-aware CO₂ company, we can offer various solutions for green transition and net-zero purposes. Besides CO₂ supply for greenhouses, we offer cleantech CO₂ solutions for other industries, including:

  • Offering high-quality carbon removals to big companies
  • Creating synthetic fuel
  • Helping energy companies with grid balancing
  • Helping local governments achieving net-zero targets
CO2 to greenhouses from the air locally

Carbon removal certificates

The production of many companies was organized a long time ago and not in the best way in terms of the environment. The first step for companies on their way to net zero is to reduce emissions by upgrading equipment, ensuring the transition to renewable energy, etc. However, there is a certain percentage of emissions that cannot be objectively reduced, and this part of emissions could be only compensated for by removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Thus, one of the clear choices is to purchase carbon removal certificates from the atmosphere. This process takes place under the supervision of special certification bodies that verify compliance with the contract for the number of tonnes of CO₂ captured and stored, as well as monitor compliance with environmental standards in the process. As a sign of successful completion of the agreement, the buyer receives a certificate indicating the number of tonnes of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere at the expense of the company.

co2 is in the air

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Grid Balancing

For the past couple of years, European countries have faced a problem of grid imbalances. This means that the energy system creates more electricity than what is consumed, which results in negative price on electricity and leads to big energy losses.

We can install a field full of our capturing modules near to an energy system that needs balancing, so all the electricity at the moment of overproduction is consumed. Thus, we can help the national energy system with grid balancing.

grid balancing
co2 for sustainable fuel

Sustainable fuel

The automotive industry is among the top 3 polluting industries worldwide. Indeed, it would be a challenge to  convince car owners to change to using a ‘green’ vehicle, and this is not to mention the aircraft industry, whose vehicles’ service life exceeds 30 years.

The solution for that is synthetic fuel, which will replace traditional gasoline and diesel and turn the automotive industry upside down, making it climate-friendly and emission-free.

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