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What is carbon removal?

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also known as negative emissions, is a process of CO₂ removal from the atmosphere.

Our planet is overloaded with CO₂ emissions, the main culprits being transport and production plants. Decreasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is essential to slow global warming. Most climate model scenarios show that we will not only need to ensure emissions reductions by 2050, but also remove billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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Ways to remove carbon

Nowadays, there are several ways to remove carbon dioxide from the air:

Photosynthesis removes CO₂ naturally, so trees are probably the best natural way to balance its amount in the atmosphere.
Direct air capture (DAC)
Direct air capture is the process of chemically scrubbing carbon dioxide directly from the ambient air.
Capture & storage (CCS)
This technology is used to capture emissions from sources of emissions like power plants and industrial facilities.
Carbon Mineralization
This technology uses minerals which react with CO₂, turning carbon dioxide from a gas into a solid.
Soil stores CO₂ naturally. Increasing carbon in soils is good for farmers, as it can enhance soil health.
And many more...
Scientists are also working on other carbon removal technologies, like leveraging the capacity to store CO₂ in oceans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CARBOMINER remove CO₂ from the air?

Although, most people treat CO₂ as a dangerous waste, we firmly believe that carbon dioxide can be useful. Our CO₂ direct air capture solution has been created to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then give it to greenhouse operators to promote plant growth. 

Why does humanity need DAC technology, why just don’t we just plant more trees?

Throughout history, humans have continued to cut down trees, both legally and illegally. Thus, it is risky to rely only on planting more trees to remove CO₂ from the air. 

With the current amount of pollutants emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, our planet needs more trees to be planted and also carbon removing technologies. 

We believe that we do need activism in reforestation too. When it’s done well, reforestation reduces soil erosion and increases biodiversity, as well as removing carbon dioxide from the open air

Why is carbon dioxide removal so important?

Carbon dioxide removal is one of the theoretically proven ways to stop the increase of the planet's temperature, thus having the potential to put a halt to global warming.