Carbominer team won the Ukraine Climate Launchpad National Final

The National Final Ukraine of the Climate Launchpad global green business ideas competition took place in Ivano-Frankivsk on September 21. And the Carbominer team won the first prize! 

How it was?

Nick Oseiko presented our novel technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and told the jury members about our first target market – greenhouse operators. 

Our idea is to sell the CO2 captured locally to greenhouses at an affordable price to boost plants’ growth and therefore increase the profitability of their business.

This is what Nick Oseiko, co-founder of Carbominer, said after the competition:

– The first feeling after the victory is joy and happiness, but from the next hour, the feeling of responsibility becomes the main one. However, we are in a great mood, which will greatly help us in preparations to the Grand Final in Amsterdam.

First and foremost, we will concentrate on technology: the working device will greatly increase Carbominer’s chances of success. And, surely, we will work on our presentation – here one can improve infinitely.

What’s next?

Three Ukrainian teams have been eligible to represent Ukraine at the Climate Launchpad Global Grand Final: Carbominer and EcoTyre. This year’s international final will be held on November 14-15 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Carbominer team is determined to do our best there.

Photo: Yuliya Kochetova-Nabozhniak