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Carbominer Team

Carbominer is a carbon capture company with an experienced team, strong leadership and great ambitions. We work on innovative technology that’s able to capture CO₂ from the ambient air locally, thus eliminating CO₂ supply costs.

Our first target customers are in the agricultural sector – we will sell CO₂ for greenhouses to boost plant growth.


Building carbon dioxide capturing machines


Cloud control of CO₂ capturing machines

DAC technology

Innovative technology to capture carbon dioxide

Our mission

To provide greenhouse operators with low-cost and climate-friendly CO₂

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Rather than making promises, we are focused on making a global change locally.

Not promises,
just action

Not promises,<br> just action

Our team consists of people with different experience, complimentary skill sets and an innovative mindset.

Different expertise,
same mindset

Different expertise, <br>same mindset

While individual creativity is always encouraged, we believe that team efforts produce the best results.

Not alone,
but part of the team

Not alone, <br> but part of the team
// sustainability

Global goals achievement

It’s easy for a cleantech SME to be sustainable, isn’t it? 🙂

We have set two global goals, that we will directly affect.

One of our sustainable goals is global carbon dioxide reduction. It is a tough, long-term process – but we’ve made it simpler. Our CO₂ machines are designed for direct carbon dioxide capture that is based near to the client.


Our second goal is to increase food production capabilities. With our target clients – greenhouse operators – we help to boost vegetables production (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc.). It is our hope to introduce this sustainable mission to the world.


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