Capturing CO₂
from the open air

Capturing co₂ from the OPEN air

At least 35% cheaper CO₂ for the commercial clients

// Direct Air Capture Tech

CO2 (Carbon) capture technology

Carbominer is a Ukrainian hardware startup that develops innovative technology to capture CO₂ from the ambient air.

We are going to sell CO₂ to greenhouses growers at least 35% cheaper than in most developed markets. We will help our clients to boost their profitability by increasing crop yields through innovative and cost-efficient CO₂ capturing solution.

Besides that, we can help climate-aware companies to reduce or eradicate their carbon footprint. 

Nick Oseyko and his daughter Vika,
Founders of Carbominer

Nick and Vika Oseyko, 
Founders of Carbominer

Our advisors

// Our Clients

CO₂ for greenhouses

Buying CO₂ is a common routine for many greenhouse operators, although a rather expensive one. Currently, operators of modern greenhouses with climate controls choose between CO₂ as a byproduct from burning natural gas for heating or a CO₂ system based on carbon dioxide in liquefied form.

With our CO₂ capture technology, greenhouse operators can make significant cost savings on carbon dioxide purchases and buy cheap CO₂ that’s been captured locally.

We undertake the installation of the capturing module ourselves and take on all the associated costs involved. If you interested in seeing an estimate of the benefits that you will get from using our technology, then contact us now.

// Our mission

Decrease CO₂ in the air

CO₂ concentration in the air is increasing rapidly. Currently, it is at 420 ppm. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that causes the atmosphere to heat up faster. This is called the greenhouse effect, which is causing global warming.

As a carbon capture company, we are going to slow down the rising CO₂ level. We address two big global problems – increase food production by selling CO₂ for greenhouses to boost plant growth, and also to help to fix climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

// advantages

Our Competitive Advantages


We offer carbon dioxide locally and therefore at least 35% cheaper than in most EU and USA markets

No Risk

Clients only pay for the delivered CO₂.
No need to buy the capturing module itself or take on any additional costs


The CO₂ specifications are registered, and our absorbent substance already has the safety certifications

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What are the uses of carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide captured from the air has two main uses: it can be used as raw material or stored in deep geological formations. As a raw material it can be used in several forms, such as for promoting plant growth in greenhouses or producing synthetic fuels. With CO₂ storage technologies it is possible to store carbon dioxide underground for long periods.

Carbon dioxide may be also used in:


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//We've participated in


TOP 15 for green ideas worldwide
Ukrainian Innovation Awards 2020
TOP 20 for Best Early Stage Startup
Climate Launchpad Global 2019
TOP 16 startups in the Grand Final
Climate Launchpad National 2019
1st place in the Ukrainian stage


EIT Climate-KIC 2020
Accelerator moved to online format
Energyspin 2019
Accelerator in Vaasa, Finland
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Featured Articles

Ukraine to represent its tech ecosystem at Web Summit 2021
Ukraine to represent its tech ecosystem at Web Summit 2021
"With its rapidly evolving tech ecosystem, Ukraine is taking a step forward by organizing the very first national pavilion to represent its startups, IT service companies, funds and innovations at their best."

Ukrainian startup Carbominer raises funding from SMRK VC Fund
Ukrainian startup Carbominer raises funding from SMRK VC Fund
"A Ukrainian project, Carbominer, has raised a seed investment from a Ukrainian SMRK VC Fund. The company does not disclose its valuation and the amount of funding raised."

SMRK Invested In A Ukrainian Startup, Carbominer
SMRK Invested In A Ukrainian Startup, Carbominer
"The company is looking for partners to enter Western markets. First of all, the company is interested in Spain, Holland, Turkey, and other countries with a developed greenhouse industry."

Emergency Measures - The E.U. Is Supporting Climate Innovators But Will They Make An Impact?
Emergency Measures - The E.U. Is Supporting Climate Innovators But Will They Make An Impact?
"In practical terms, the company says that its prospective units will be able to take out 500 tons of сarbon a year. The effects will be local, but the system can be scaled up nationally and globally."

Energy start-ups Carbominer and EcoTyre will represent Ukraine at the ClimateLaunchpad
Energy start-ups Carbominer and EcoTyre will represent Ukraine at the ClimateLaunchpad
"First place winner Carbominer developed a technology for collecting carbon dioxide for greenhouses to use. The CO2 would contribute to speeding up the growth of vegetables."

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